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Hey, dude!

Do you like platformers? May be hardcore? Or low poly? Everyone will find something for yourself in "Formless Adventure".

Formless Adventure - platformer that will allow you to spend a few hardcore hours emerged alongside. Your hero - Mr. Blubstache - a shapeless mass, and he can change shape as you want. He has a variety of forms, which have different characteristics and abilities.

Dude, there are five, and they are awesome: speed, sticky, slippery, fire and stone!
Mr. Blubstache is so formless! At your disposal 50 balls, do with them whatever you want: you can jump to the fire, or press on the plate.

Make sure to pay special attention to the backgrounds. The game is very pleasant to play, because behind the hero are low poly wonderful sceneries.

You will have to pass 4 levels of demo-version in different locations there is a forest, jungle, underwater and frozen ground terrain.
In this demo you will be able to look at some traps and explore the possibilities of all forms of the protagonist. In general, demo completion will take you about 15-30 minutes.


  • W,A,S,D - move
  • 1,2,3,4,5 - change form
  • Spaсe - action
  • G - fps
  • R - restart


Game powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Thanks for playing!


Formless Adventure 0.1.15 Demo 182 MB


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Awesome platformer! Loved the idea of changing form to play the platformer strategically!

It was so hard it's quite a rage enducing game ;) hope you like my let's play. If you did, please support me, help me grow and SUBSCRIBE to my gamechannel :D

Thanks so much, really appreciate it ^___^

Great little demo hope you enjoy my gameplay :)


une tite vidéo en FR ca vous tente ? une découverte de ce petit jeux bien sympa :)

merçi au developpeurs pour l'attention


I enjoyed this game a lot, simple but good looking graphics, nice music and an innovative idea for the character, i just wish it was longer. :D

Wow, you get the cool spidran. Thank you for the video!

This game. This game is a good time. The graphical style is amusing and the visuals, while simple, are well made. The background has depth and seems full of life, especially on the jungle and water levels where things are moving around. I'm always a sucker for a good platformer, and the mechanic in this game makes it that much more fun, with the momentum physics and really smooth movements. At times, it really did feel like I was just playing as a cloud, swirling about the levels. I would love to see a longer version of this with more levels to play in.

Lol, your gameplay is unusual! You really screw the rules :D
Thank you for this video!

Thank you for this game. It was quite fun.

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I had so much fun playing and recording this game. It really has potential with it's great concept and mechanic's. The only problem is the bugs that mean that you can't progress the level because you're stuck. But appart from that it's a great game and I would definitely recommend it! You can watch my gameplay/commentary here:

We sorry for this terrible bug spread, he spoiled all impression of the game
Immediately fix

But the gameplay was a good :)

Interesting game.

Thank you!

LOL I don't know what that glitch was, but it was FUNNY.

Formless Adventure is a fun little platformer game that has a ton of potential and offers a decent amount of a challenge.

The environment and levels are all really well done, with the colors and the vibrancy really standing out well. The music is enjoyable to listen to and the physics in the game seem pretty spot-on. It reminded me a lot of those old school Mario games which brought back some great memories.

There are a few bug and glitches in the game that I found. If you die near a checkpoint, you might as well just restart the level since you become trapped in perpetual cycle of killing yourself, which makes beating the game more than impossible. Also when you change forms, the character can accidentally push himself towards even more death, which is frustrating to say the least.

Regardless, I think Formless Adventure was a really well made game and with those bugs being taken out of the game, it makes for a really fun play! Also, I'm highly intrigued if a story can be Incorporated into the game (I was trying so hard to figure out just what the hell the main character is supposed to be haha).

I made a Let's Play of Formless Adventure, I hope you all enjoy and don't forget to subscribe if you did!

Thank you a lot for this review and testing!
We have taken note of all your comments!

I wish I was good at this game! despite my rage I actually did enjoy the game :3

Ahaha, dude, this video is really funny!
Thank you a lot!

This game looks SEXY ! I will play this, if my computer can handle it LOL

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Haha, yes, main hero is so hot!
We hope that it can

This was kinda neat! A little buggy, as previously mentioned, but there's potential here ^^ Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

I made a let's play. Hope it helps!

Thanks a lot, dude!

All the bugs will fixed today!

Hey there,

besides the few bugs that have happened to me while playing it, it was an insanely well made and fun game, especially seeing that this is your first game, great job!

Couldn't finish level 4 though :x

Thank you sooo much for this letsplay!
We will fix all bugs and make level 4 easier :)

Had a lot of fun with it! All the different functions of the character were awesome.

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Thank you very much for this video! It`s reeeeally fun. We laughed a lot while watching this.

Sorry for bugs,it`s only alpha release.